Christopher Village Reviews

See what other people are saying about our Ogden apartments! At Christopher Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can't wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.



Only been here about a week and already love it! My boyfriend and I first apartment! Very quiet neighborhood. Neighbors are nice, we had some trouble with the oven but I told Kylee, and maintenance came within the hour. Management is so nice and it feels very organized! Thank you for making this spectacular!


Nice quiet location


This is a great apartment to live in. They are spacious and have a good home feeling. The apartments are old school, but they have been taken care of. The community here is awesome. I have great neighbors and enjoy saying hello. The office manager is a great person to know. He takes care of any issues that we have had, which have been very few, in a few days time. I have been very happy living here.


My new apartments Maitenence is so awful they make me miss the heck out of Christopher villages Maitenence, never had a problem with them, Christopher Village was my first apartment and I loved living there, only reason they dont get five stars is because they dont have a washer and dryer hook up and a kitchen update would be nice. Would definitely move back if those two things were added.


My family and I currently just moved in on 4-19-19 Kylee is so amazingly kind and helpful and maintenance is incredible! We have very little wrong with the apartment we're renting but the little that is wrong is more cosmetic than anything, we filled out our apartment check off list that states the condition the apartments in before you moved in and dropped it off into the office and went back in to pick up our keys and Kylee had already gone over our check list and had already made maintenance requests for everything we had checked off on our list that same day!!! I've rented from two other places before Christopher Village and have NEVER had such an amazing experience or have NEVER had maintenance act so quickly. The property's are very well kept and clean, even the trash bins are well kept. I was worried that with all our boxes we had from moving in that the trash bins were getting over filled so I started putting boxes outside my front door until the trash got picked up than I noticed maintenance had to have come by and straithened up the bin area cause it was partially empty so I was able to take more boxes out. We've already met a lot of our neighbors too and they've all been super friendly as well. I think my family and I are going to be happy here.


Kylee is a great landlady, and she’s been so helpful throughout the time she’s worked here! It’s a quiet complex, safe, haven’t had any problems with rent or anything! The apartments are clean, and definitely spacious. The storage units aren’t very big, but they were big enough for what we needed! Be warned, though, that after utilities are charged, you’re looking at around $1200 every month in rent. That’s the only real problem I’ve had while living here. Other than that, it’s beem great! Unfortunately, we had to cut our time living here short, but the management had been so willing to answer our questions quickly, and has been patient with us. Definitely a great place to live!


Great place. Nice employees!!


The staff is very friendly and professional. They have solved all my problems. I moved in November 2017 and very good location.


Tori (manager) and Tyson (facilities manager) have been on top of any request we have had. They have gone above and beyond in every season of the year for every year we have been here with them. We are so appreciative of their efforts. The community is very kid friendly and makes us feel very safe. Plenty of option in the laundry facility. Pet friendly neighbors. Plenty of parking and excellent size storage facilities. Monster size pool that’s always clean. Only negative thing I have to say about Christopher Village is... I wish the pool was year round! Lol We love Christopher Village!